About Us

Born of the passion to weave stories, to appreciate artistry and to curate unique design, Republic of Mode serves as a premium destination for luxury fashion and lifestyle products. Every product narrates a tale beginning from the maker's inspiration to it's journey into our store; creating a dialogue beyond consumerism and imbibing what our Republic is about. A destination for conversation, aspiration and endless wonder.

With an emphasis on quality and ethics, Republic of Mode aims to grow into an amalgamated treasure trove of cultural inspiration and contemporary design. We think of our products as little labours of love, looking to find a home and a long-lasting relationship with their owners. We wish for our customers to be an integral part of our Republic, to whom, we not only look forward to narrating stories, but also hope to hear stories back from.

Republic of Mode was founded by dreamers Nigel and Stephany in the picturesque state of Goa, India. Alongside working on their eponymous label Stephany and balancing between the brick and mortar Republic of Mode store in Goa, they felt the need to chase their dream of building a Republic.

Welcome to our Republic. We hope to have you with us on our journey, which has only just begun.