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Indigo Daydreams

Indigo Daydreams

Sasha has a heart of gold. When she thought she lost her fire, she made sure to go looking for it by making herself do one thing each day that she had never dared to do before. Speaking to one person on the street, learning to cook a new dish, dancing to a song by herself… Sasha is a dreamer like us. Entranced by the sound of the ocean, bewitched by regal flowing silhouettes, she is our very first muse. We knew she would be a part of our Republic when we first heard her squeal at the sight of a golden sun setting into the sea.

"Growing up in Russia, I was a lucky kid because my parents have been the best. I had the pleasure of growing up in harmony, surrounded by love and care. My mum is my best friend and she is the person I most look up to in my life. I have always been a hard working kid, since I was six, never one to laze around. I spent ten beautiful years training in gymnastics. It was a time I still cherish. Overall I was always a dreamer and still am. I studied history at university, so it is easier to spot me curled up with a book than to see me outside. Unless you beckon me with a snowboard, I'm always up for that!

I have always been inspired by beautiful people. I vividly remember a fashion show I saw at age thirteen. Seeing Gemma Ward and Lily Cole walk down the runway, sent chills down my spine and I knew this was a career I wanted to pursue. After the show I googled images of these girls and found them so strong and independent. I thought of how wonderful it would be, to be a role model for somebody else, as these girls are to me. I still feel, one day I will achieve this dream.

Modelling brought me to Mumbai. I am in love with Bombay. I feel it is quite similar to Moscow, except that here my soul is always ready to dance, sing and feel a thousand emotions. I guess the city makes me feel more alive. At first, I was supposed to stay here for two months but I decided to stay on for a longer time. After being here, I can't imagine my life anywhere else.

As a model, every shoot, catwalk and event I have been a part of, have been special to me. I still can't believe that my hobby is my work and I am able to make money from this. Usually people talk about how boring their jobs are, so I feel even more blessed as I feel the opposite. When I found out I was booked to shoot with Republic of Mode in Goa, I was so happy I cried. I couldn't wait for the experience and to explore the wonderful land of Goa for the first time.

I think my very first trip to China as a model was one which defined me and pushed me to become the person I am today. I had only been used to travelling with friends and family until then, and suddenly being so young and alone in a new city really helped me become independent and strong. I am very thankful for the experience although it was daunting and at times difficult.

I have a few ideas of what I wish to do in the future, say ten years down the line. Perhaps work as a manager in an art gallery. I am also open to staying in the modelling industry by swapping roles as a booker or talent manager. I feel I will be good at it as I have been on the other side ever since I was a fourteen year old girl. I am also inclined towards acting. I have a lot of different goals and dreams, but as a model it isn't possible to plan ahead of a few months. However, as much as I believe in hard work, I also believe in destiny. I feel that everything happens for a reason."

— Our model and muse Alexandra Zhurko at TFM

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