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Our Story

Our Story

Along the sunny western coast of India is the state of Goa. Amongst endless green fields and glorious clear waves resides our Republic. This is the first of many stories we hope to narrate to you. It marks our beginning on this journey towards building our dreams. The dreams may be ours, but we also hope to collect fellow dreamers along the way. Together, let’s dream.

"It has been three years of dedication leading up to this day. It started with the idea of having a Republic as an extension to our dreams. We felt the world was too cluttered and the idea behind Republic of Mode was to declutter, by offering a curation of a few selected products. We wanted to have our own space to breath, grow and feel. An island of sorts wherein our ideas could run around free, bare and unrestricted. At the beginning there wasn't a clear thought process of what, how, when. Just an idea.

Since Stephany has already been designing in fashion, starting a store of our own was a natural extension to our dreams as well as our business plan. The name Republic of Mode fit in aptly with what our ideas were about. Thus came our cozy brick and mortar store in Candolim, while we simultaneously worked on getting the Republic ready for the online space. We had a very specific vision for how we wanted the store to be presented. We handled everything from the design of the website to defining the overall aesthetic ourselves to make sure that it presented our ideas perfectly. It has been an emotional roller-coaster of joy, excitement, happiness and a fair amount of struggles. This day marks our dream becoming a reality, we are excited to open our Republic for everybody to see. The journey has only just begun.

Growing up, I was very keen to experience and learn as much as I could. Result of which I have ended up doing a lot of things from aviation to gardening, photography to business. A bit like a jack of all trades. Luckily, I've been told that I'm rather good at what I set my mind to, so that gives me encouragement. I love to learn and cannot see myself doing anything but that.

Being in the fashion or e-commerce industry was definitely not a planned move for me. Stephany on the other hand, was always determined to be a designer. Her eponymous label Stephany has seen her succeed in this endeavour. My journey began with helping her with her label. It led me to managing the business aspect as time passed. We now consider it our joint dream and I have enjoyed being a part of it as well as having it as a part of me.

One of my fondest childhood memory is from the days in Goa when I was ten. Back then, Goa was so simple and beautiful. At my home in Candolim, we didn't have a TV, neighbours would drop by at any given chance to say hello, the entire family always being together was a blessing. I remember singing with everybody, the cheer, the laughter, the happiness. It was a simple life and something I still value the most. Stephany shares these values as well, which is one of the reasons we have a similar outlook towards life. Going fishing and crabbing down the creek near her house with her father and brother are some of her favourite memories. She still remembers going through her mum's closet when she was little trying on everything she could get her hands onto. An interest which developed into a hobby of having all her garments stitched from local tailors. Getting into designing was the natural outlet for her creativity and intrigue in the subject.

Fast forward to today and we truly believe that we all are where we need to be at any given time. I think doing what I love to do and being open to change has brought me where I am. For Stephany it has been her love for clothes right from the beginning.

At Republic of Mode we aspire to be the destination for all things beautiful and we have worked towards having it reflect the same. We wish to grow yet be the same."

- Our founders and dream weavers Nigel and Stephany

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